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Welcome to the Seventh International Conference & Exhibition on Mass Mining – MassMin 2016, to be held from 9–11 May 2016 at the Australian Technology Park, Sydney.

The MassMin series of conferences remains the pre-eminent global bulk mining event, attracting hundreds of delegates from all major mining companies and countries.

MassMin 2016 will bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners to present the latest accomplishments, innovations and potential future direction in mass mining and its applications around the world.

In the spirit of being truly international, the MassMin conference series has been shared among countries and continents through the years:

  • Denver, USA, 1982
  • Johannesburg, South Africa, 1992
  • Brisbane, Australia, 2000
  • Santiago, Chile, 2004
  • Lulea, Sweden, 2008
  • Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, 2012
  • Sydney, Australia, 2016

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"Attendance at MassMin conferences is a must for all underground practioners and professionals."

Jeff Nixon
Underground Mining Specialist

"I will make every effort that the operation I represent sends as many people as possible."

Allan Moss
Technical Advisor, Grasberg Underground Operations
Rio Tinto Copper

"The MassMin conference series has arguably become the pre-eminent global mass or bulk underground mining event for methods such as cave mining and open stopes."

Professor Gideon Chitombo
The University of Queensland

"There is no better event to meet and interact with the best experts in this field."

Chip deWolfe
Cave Mining Consultant

What is Mass Mining?

The definition of mass mining in some ways depends upon when you ask the question and the context in which it is asked. In its simplest form, mass mining refers to large-scale mining, at high tonnage rates, of large deposits of the world's important commodities. The size of these deposits is typically defined by substantial dimensions in all three directions. Characteristically, mass mining entails deployment of the available technology to support an operation of significant scale and degree of mechanisation for its time.

These mining operations stand in contrast to the majority of mines that pursue a more selective approach to mining by virtue of the discrete nature of their host deposits and distribution of value. However, as the 20th Century drew to a close interest in mass mining increased. This reflected the exhaustion of easy-to-access higher grade deposits, advances in technology and the underlying principles of large-scale mining. Together these factors helped to drive operating costs down, thereby rolling back boundaries in grade (value) and scale enabling economic extraction of large lower grade deposits.

The MassMin conference series has evolved over more than 30 years to focus principally on large-scale underground mining with an emphasis on the application of mining methods that involve caving the overlaying rock mass as the ore is mined, now known as 'caving methods'. These methods currently represent a mining approach capable of supporting the largest scale and lowest operating cost underground mining currently available. At the same time more conventional mining on a massive scale also fits the concept having many traits in common with caving methods, such as bulk materials handling, but with more challenging requirements for enabling services (ventilation, logistics, backfill, etc) and technical services.

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